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Clarkston Man Has Assault & Battery Charge Dismissed

No Conviction for Assault & Battery

Our client was charged with Assault & Battery in 52-2 District Court in Clarkston, Michigan for a fight that he was involved in with a neighbor.  

The client was an avid gun collector and also had a CPL permit. He didn’t want to have a conviction on his criminal record. didn’t want to lose his CPL permit and didn’t want to be on probation. That’s a tall order which was only likely through a ‘not guilty’ verdict at trial.

After several pretrial conferences, no plea offer from the city attorney was adequate to satisfy the client’s concerns, so the matter was set for a jury trial. On the eve of the jury trial, the city attorney finally gave an offer that the client couldn’t refuse: a reduction of the assault and battery charge to disorderly conduct taken under the delayed sentence statute with dismissal upon payment of a small fine.

The client paid the fine the same day and his charge was dismissed and his CPL reinstated. No jail, no probation, no conviction. As this client learned, having a top-rated attorney like Jeffrey Buehner fighting for you can make all the difference in the world. Don’t risk jail and a conviction for your assault and battery charge, call Jeffrey Buehner now at (248) 865-9640.