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Being investigated for, or charged with, a white-collar crime can destroy your career, ruin your reputation and result in prison. But an investigation or criminal charge is not a conviction. Having an experienced white-collar criminal defense lawyer fighting for you can help balance the scales of justice in your favor to avoid such a conviction.

Unlike most criminal cases, white-collar investigations don’t always begin with a police or governmental agency, it may start as an internal investigation. Moreover, the person being investigated may not even realize that they committed a crime as white-collar allegations relate to conduct that the person either didn’t realize was illegal or may not be illegal. Sometimes the person making the allegation may have mistakenly or purposefully misrepresented the facts.

Experienced Detroit White-Collar Defense

The law firm of Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC has aggressively defended professionals throughout the Metro Detroit area confronted with allegations of white-collar crime. You may be facing state or federal authorities with unlimited resources – don’t go into that battle alone. We will be at your side fighting to protect your reputation and your freedom.

We defend all types of white-collar crimes including:

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